About Us

The Team

Barbara McIntosh
Michael McIntosh
Craig Mattes
Tomas Agerstig

Scientific Advisors

Dr. Robert Matson
Dr. Holger Eickhoff
Martin Von Leuder

Mission Statement

HyperTeknologies brings an application focus to laboratory processes by designing, marketing and supporting solutions for assay automation, miniaturization and multiplexing. Its Mission is to combine an understanding of applications, with specialized instrumentation and services. Coupled together results in improved assay accuracy and precision, whilst reducing highly repetitious and tedious manual workflows.

About Hyperteknologies

  • Laboratories in Southern CA & Southampton, UK
  • Application Focused Liquid Handling Specialists
  • Pair Automation, Consumables, and Services using Innovative Technology
  • Focused on Building and Maintaining Long Term Relationships
  • Believe in Keeping Things Simple


  • High Throughput Screening
  • ELISAs
  • Blood Fractionation
  • PCR Prep
  • DNA Sequencing Sample Prep
  • Maldi
  • Protein Crystallization
  • Microarrays and Multiplexing
  • Mems
  • Solid Phase Extractions