Our Difference

HyperTeknologies brings an application focus to laboratory processes by designing, marketing and supporting solutions for assay automation, miniaturization and multiplexing. Its Mission is to combine an understanding of applications, with specialized instrumentation and services. Coupled together results in improved assay accuracy and precision, whilst reducing highly repetitious and tedious manual workflows. Our product portfolio consists of automated systems, consumables, and services using simplified workstations to replace manual pipetting operations. From plate replicating and reformatting, PCR Prep, High Throughput Screening “cherry picking”, or Protein Crystallization applications, our bench-top systems provide fast, precise, liquid dispensing.

Simple, Fast & Affordable

With 25 years of experience we are very familiar with what works in the lab. We’ve seen our share of systems in back rooms and basements that no one wants to use because they are difficult to use or unreliable. Focusing on reliability and ease of use, HyperTeknologies products are designed to simplify processes with intuitive human ID-100270071 interfaces, automated loading and operation, as well as open platform design for easy integration. The result is increased productivity, accuracy, and throughput.

Trusted Partner

We appreciate your investment as being more than just a purchase. You have goals to achieve, commitments and deadlines. Choosing the wrong system that is either unreliable or difficult to use would be a costly mistake. Your time required to research, purchase, deploy, and operate equipment and systems in your laboratory is extremely valuable to us. We take great pride in our products and services and our professional and technical sales and service team will stand by your investment as a trusted and accountable partner. When you need us, we will be there.