Microtiter Plate Replication & Reformatting

96 & 384 Microtiter Plate Replication

QuickPrep benchtop - replicating 96 or 384 well Microtiter Plates has never been easier. Using Disposable or Fixed Tips, the QuickPrep benchtop system is designed for just that. With its easy, touch panel, graphical user interface, operators can quickly program their action, put the master source plate on the deck and add the daughter plates, and begin.

Microtiter Plate Reformatting

Reformating Made Easy - reformatting from a 96 well source microtiter plate to a 384 or 1536 well microtiter plate can also be used with this system. With the easy to use, graphical interface, select what type of source plate you have, as well as the destination type format. Program in the aspiration and dispense volumes and begin. With an automatic tip changing station, exchanging disposable tips between master source plates is very convenient.