Evaporex Liquid Sample Concentrator

Evaporex Liquid Sample Concentrator

The Evaporex® microplate evaporator has two needle assemblies, each consists of 96 individual stainless steel needles that evenly distribute heated gas into the microplates from both the top and bottom. The upper gas flow path is sealed away from the heating elements in a stainless steel path in order to prevent sample contamination.

The lower platform can be adjusted to any height from the upper needle assembly, allowing the needles to come in close proximity to - without actually touching - the sample. This feature minimizes drying time and enables the user to develop methods utilizing a variety of plate sizes and sample volumes.

The EVX Series microplate evaporators are suitable for use with aqueous or organic solvents (not dry or concentrated acid solutions).

Features & Benefits

  • Fast Simultaneous upper and lower gas heating mechanism concentrates samples up to five times faster than other techniques.

  • Compact Fits under any hood or micro- ventilation system.

  • Flexible User-adjustable flow rates and gas temperatures.

  • Convenient Both upper and lower assemblies are easily removable for quick and simple cleaning.

Sample Dry Down Times (in minutes)


*500 ul /40C

**1 ml /40C

500 ul /60C

1 ml /60C

Methanol 14 28 11 20
Isopropanol 16.5 26 11.5 16.5
  • * 500 ul volumes used in a 1 ml collection plate

  • ** 1 ml volumes used in a 2 ml collection plate

  • Bottom unit is set 20oC above top unit temperature in order to compensate for heat lost through the collection plate


Technical Details

Inlet Gas Connection 1/4"
Inlet Gas Pressure Minimum 15psi
Maximum 50psi
Minimum Operation Flow Rate 25 liters per minutes (LPM)
Maximum Operation Flow Rate 60 liters per minutes (LPM)
Maximum Operating Gas Temperature 60C (upper head) 80C (lower head)

Product Details

Dimensions 9.52"W x 12.05"D x 15.72"H (242mm W x 306mm D x 400mm H)
Weight 25lbs (11.36Kg)
Power 110/220V AC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 405 W nominal
Operating Temperature 50 - 100 °F


12-month Extensive manufacturer warranty.
Extended Warranty and Annual Service plan are also available. Contact factory or authorized dealers for detail.