HyperTeknologies Services

HyperServe Service Program

HyperTeknologies views service as a critical element of our product offering. Good service simplifies operations in either a research and development laboratory or manufacturing environment. We believe that when supplying equipment, providing sound service and support is as important as offering quality products.

HyperTeknologies has developed several programs for maintaining the integrity of our systems and minimizing downtime. Our HyperServe Service program at the minimum level offers preventative maintenance for a single instrument, a complete laboratory or an entire facility. In addition to the annual preventative maintenance, HyperTeknologies offers on going support and training through our "hands on" workshop programs and site visits. CONTACT US to learn more about our HyperServe Service program.

  • Installation & Training

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Extended Warranty

  • IQ/OQ Services

  • Application Programs

HyperServe IQ/OQ Services

Recognizing the importance of regulatory guidelines, HyperTeknologies has implemented Installation Qualification (IQ)and Operation Qualification (OQ) procedures. HyperTeknologies' IQ/OQ services ensures your instrumentation and software is installed correctly and functions according to specification. It also confirms that all functionality operates as intended by HyperTeknologies. IQ documentation is supplied in a standard checklist format, and it includes all items delivered and installed. The results of the IQ/OQ are fully documented and included analysis data and statistical analyses.

IQ/OQ services are performed on site at your facility by a certified service engineer, specially trained to validate HyperTeknologies instrumentation. CONTACT US to learn more about our IQ/OQ service offering.